Installing RailsGame

To learn about installing RailsGame, click here.

Running RailsGame

Mostly you'll type "./run_server.sh" from the correct directory. For more detail about running your RailsGame, click here.

Build a RailsGame!

You could download an existing RailsGame project and modify it. Currently, that means RailsMUD. Soon there will be a graphical example game also.

Whether you start with an example or from scratch, see our information on how to make a RailsGame.

What's a RailsGame?

A RailsGame is a browser-game with a few simple extras -- you can easily push data out to the players who are connected to you, and that gives you a bit of realtime "oomph" that most browser-games don't have.

A RailsGame is made of a Rails web site, a game server, and a lot of glue to connect them. The plugin supplies most of the glue, and a lot of libraries for the game server. The rest is up to you.

Why RailsGame?

If you want to write a browsergame with two-way capabilities, this is a way to avoid using something like Juggernaut (Juggernaut plugin, Juggernaut gem) or Orbited for yourself, or an example of how to use them.

See our Feature Comparison for why you might want to use RailsGame rather than a standard web development kit (like Rails), or Flash, or a two-way server like a MUD.

Who Can Use a RailsGame?

Currently, anybody with Flash 8 or higher installed in their browser of choice. That's almost everybody, these days. RailsGame is compatible with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and many others.

Of course, the specific game also has to support any browser you want to use with it.

Do I Need This To Play?

No. The only reason to read this site is if you want to build a RailsGame, and you're a pretty decent Ruby on Rails programmer already.

About RailsGame Itself

This stuff is if you want to do something more involved, or work on RailsGame itself.